About Video Gym

YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, MetaCafe and other video sharing websites are flooded with workout videos. But they are also full of funny cats, falling skateboarders and housewifes baking cupcakes.

Once you’ve searched your way through the jungle of irrelevant videos, how can you tell if the video shows how to train the exact muscles you want with the equipment you have access to? How do you know if the instructor is well spoken and credible? And how can you be sure the camera work and sound quality is top-notch? You probably already know the answer: You can’t.

Solution: We search, select and organize – you just watch and work out

We have been through this ourselves and that is why we decided to create Video Gym. The concept is quite simple:

  • We search for the internet’s best workout videos with high production quality featuring the most popular instructors.
  • We categorize the videos by workout type, target mucles, equipment, exercise and instructor.
  • We present the videos in a simple way so you can access them with a click of a button.

For you this means you can spend less time searching for videos and more time working out.

Apart from workout turorials we also handpick the best videos about the topics fitness advice, nutrition, motivation and gym humor.

Who are the video makers?

Video Gym is completely independent, we do not own the videos and we are not affiliated with any of the instructors featured in the videos on this site. However, we do our best to select only world class instructors, so if they are on this site, you can be sure they are worth watching.

If you like an instructor, we encourage you to visit his or her website where you may find exclusive videos, tools and information about workout routines, nutrition and much more. You can find links to all the instructors’ websites at the bottom of the articles.


About Video Gym

Video Gym is a collection of the best workout videos on the internet. The hand picked videos are carefully categorized by target muscles, equipment and much more, so you can spend less time searching for the perfect video and more time working out.

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